J Earle Financial, LLC

Background and Purpose

The Earle Foundation was created in 1988 by Louise Montgomery Earle based upon the vision of her only surviving relative, a cousin, O. Perry Earle Jr. They determined that a private foundation would forever benefit their devotion to those in need, especially young children. When Louise Montgomery Earle died in 1991, assets from her estate provided initial funding of the Foundation.

In 2012, a separate foundation was funded from the estates of O. Perry Earle Jr. and his wife, Louise Jordan Earle. This foundation operated separately as The O. Perry Earle Jr. and Louise Jordan Earle Foundation.

In 2017, the trustees of both foundations agreed that the desires of all the grantors could be continued more efficiently if The Louise M. Earle Foundation were merged into The O. Perry Earle Jr. and Louise Jordan Earle Foundation, and if, for simplicity, it were known generally as The Earle Foundation.

The Foundation makes grants exclusively to charitable organizations duly authorized to carry on religious, scientific, literary, educational, or cultural activities, and those activities that primarily benefit disturbed, neglected, abused, and underprivileged children.

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