J Earle Financial, LLC

Family Office Services

As seasoned professionals, we coordinate and administer the myriad of financial and operational affairs for individuals, families, and self-directed personal trusts and estates, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Fiduciary appointments only made in the name of F. Jordan Earle, individually
  • Serve as Personal Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Pay recurring bills
  • Cash management and budgeting
  • Files: Organize and document
  • Distributions: Review, document, and administer distributions of income and principal
  • Work with client’s financial advisors to review investment objective to include asset allocation and quality
  • Real estate: Assist in managing personal residence and investment real estate maintenance, repairs, and improvements
  • Contracts: Review contracts and agreements
  • Estate planning: Communicate with legal counsel to keep informed of any life changes critical to keeping one’s estate plan current
  • Retirement: Coordinate with advisor investments, distributions, tax efficiency
  • Charitable giving: Assist in lifetime and post mortem strategies. Effect grantor’s intentions
  • Income tax administration: Ensure tax professionals receive organized tax documents to accurately and timely file applicable returns as well as remit any tax payments due
  • Property insurance: Review all policy premiums and coverage adequacy in consult with your agent to address potential exposures
  • Life insurance: In consultation with your agent, review both type and adequacy
  • Health insurance: In consultation with agent, review both type and adequacy
  • Social security benefits
  • Family meetings: Organize and facilitate
  • Geriatric care: Work with care specialists to assess needs and develop care plan
  • Data aggregation from banks and custodians
  • Other tasks as requested by the client (Within the scope of industry standard duties)