J Earle Financial, LLC

Probate Court Appointed Fiduciary

As probate appointed fiduciary, we handle most of the same duties as the managing agent except under direct oversight of the Court. According to the Court, the fiduciary handles:


  • Appointment: Appointed as: F Jordan Earle, J Earle Financial LLC Administrative Agent
  • Administration: The financial affairs or property for an incapacitated adult or for a minor
  • Security: Manage and protects the property under care
  • Accountings: Report periodically to the court about the assets, receipts and disbursements
  • Disbursements: Make distributions only with written Court order
  • Duty of Care: Appointed fiduciary has a legal responsibility to dutifully handle the financial situation of the protected person as stipulated by the Court
  • Bonding: Fiduciaries are required to be adequately bonded to insure his duties are carried out faithfully and appropriately
    The bond is based on the total value of the protected person’s personal property (excluding real estate), plus estimated income