J Earle Financial, LLC



Dear Jordan,

Testimonial: J Earle FinancialDad asked that a letter be sent to you telling you that he deeply appreciates all that you’ve done for him these last 12 years. I got the letter written and sent to him to sign but he’s suddenly having a lot of trouble with the congestive heart failure and he’s not up to signing it right now. I don’t want to let more time go by so I decided to just write what he wanted to say in this email.

Everyone in our family appreciates what you’ve done for Dad since 2001.  You protected him as well as anyone could have. He still has a surprising level of assets considering the spending he was doing. All of us credit you for somehow preserving his assets throughout. We know that Dad was a high maintenance client and you have always been so attentive, kind, patient, and respectful to him. I think this is why he was so adamant that you should know in writing that he does appreciate the way you took care of him.

Again, ALL of the family appreciates what you’ve done for Dad. We know very well what you’ve been up against trying to protect him from himself and you’ve done a great job.

Best Regards,
Dorothy, on behalf of the entire family